US condemns ‘vicious’ attack that killed Palestinian baby – video

The White House condemned in the strongest possible terms on Friday the ‘vicious’ arson attack that killed an 18-month Palestinian baby. Josh Earnest, the White House spokesman, says the US government welcomes Netanyahu’s orders to Israeli security forces to use all means possible to apprehend the murderers. Earnest calls for all sides to maintain calm in the wake of the attack Continue reading…

Scotland’s private finance infrastructure programme in turmoil after ONS ruling

New EU regulations prevent member states from using private finance to avoid putting major public assets on their national accounts

The Scottish government’s flagship programme to have billions of pounds poured into privately financed roads, schools, colleges and hospitals has suffered a major setback after running foul of EU borrowing rules.

John Swinney, the Scottish finance secretary, has been forced to launch a major review of his government’s entire private financing strategy after the Office for National Statistics stated on Friday that the biggest scheme – a £1.5bn bypass around Aberdeen – had to be counted as a public asset.

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Women in Calais camps: ‘I have to focus on how I can stay alive’

With the one women’s centre full, female migrants must take their chances in the main camp often with children in tow and where there is no security

Hannah is 24, five months’ pregnant and can’t remember the last time she had a shower, let alone a medical check-up. The Syrian says she trekked through eight countries, her belly growing all the time, before ending up at Calais.

Here she walks another two miles every evening to try to sneak on to trains and lorries to reach Britain. When morning dawns and she is still in France, she slowly retraces her steps to the makeshift camp.

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Brother of Kelly Brinson on Samuel DuBose killing: ‘What are they still doing as university police?’ – video

Kelly Brinson died in 2010 after being shackled and shocked with a Taser while in the psychiatric ward of University hospital in Cincinnati. The Guardian spoke with his brother Derek after the revelation that two of the officers present that day were also on scene at Samuel DuBose’s killing and corroborated the seemingly false account of officer Ray Tensing. ‘They should be held accountable for perjury,’ Derek Brinson says Continue reading…

Cameron’s grip on Calais crisis in doubt amid pledges of sniffer dogs and fencing

Prime minister’s package to stop migrant incursions at Calais is condemned by hauliers, while Kent police question plans to ease traffic congestion

Extra sniffer dogs and fencing are to be sent to France as David Cameron warned that the Calais migrant crisis is likely to lengthen into a summer of discontent on both sides of the Channel.

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Hillary Clinton calls for end to Cuba embargo in attack on ‘outdated’ policy

Democratic presidential frontrunner calls out Republican opponents for looking through ‘cold war lens’ and calls for improved relations with Latin America

Hillary Clinton on Friday called out her Republican rivals for approaching foreign policy “through an outdated cold war lens”. In a speech that advocated for greater diplomatic engagement with Latin America, the Democratic presidential frontrunner also called on Congress to lift the 50-year US embargo on Cuba.

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Palestinian killed and another wounded by Israeli gunfire at Gaza border

Two men fired at after approaching security fence and ignoring soldiers’ orders to stop and warning shots, according to Israeli army

A Palestinian man was killed and another wounded by Israeli gunfire in the northern Gaza Strip after they approached the border with Israel, a Palestinian medical official told AFP.

Gaza health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said Mohammed Al-Masri died of his wounds after being shot on Friday near the border fence west of the Beit Lahia area.

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Flight TK79 dispatch from 30,000ft: ‘God, this is it. This is payback.’

When a stray mobile phone was found on board a Turkish Airlines flight, the captain, suspecting an Isis bomb, made an emergency landing in Warsaw

Mehmet Altug Ekis, the captain on board the Turkish Airlines flight TK79, was doing his best to sound calm.

“Everything is normal,” he told the cabin on the intercom. “We are in Polish airspace and are going to make an emergency landing. In these circumstances, military jets accompany planes. If you see some military jets, please, it is normal too.”

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Israel’s hawks can dodge blame for this day of violence | Jonathan Freedland

Two bloody attacks in 24 hours have laid bare a culture of impunity – and deep internal divisions

The condemnations are striking but still they ring hollow. Binyamin Netanyahu denounced the arson attack by Jewish settlers on the West Bank home of the Dawabsha family, in which Ali Saad, a baby just 18 months old, was burned to death, as an “act of terrorism in every respect”. Netanyahu was joined by Naftali Bennett, the leader of the ultra-nationalist Jewish Home party, which is close to being the political wing of the settlers’ movement. Bennett described the murder as a “horrendous act of terror”. The defence minister, the army, they all condemned this heinous crime.

Which is welcome, of course. It’s good that there were no ifs or buts, no attempts to excuse the inexcusable. But still it rings hollow.

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Deadly lightning in Mexico reveals plight of poorest citizens

Mexico has the worst lightning death rate in the Americas. Report uncovers government’s failure to implement strategies to safeguard isolated communities

It was mid-afternoon when a huge boom of thunder startled the Ramírez family as they tended their maize crops in the tiny mountainous community of El Encinal, in Mexico’s central state of Guanajuato.

The family, four adult sisters and their five children, sought shelter from the sudden torrential downpour under a squat mesquite tree – and it was there, as they covered their heads with flimsy sheets of plastic, that they were struck by lightning.

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