Wife of Oklahoma pastor shot by trooper amid flooding challenges police account

Public safety official says Nehemiah Fischer had gun, but details are scant as friend says Fischer was more likely to ‘pray for you’ than draw a weapon

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The wife of a man who was fatally shot by Oklahoma highway patrol officers as they responded to a stranded vehicle call has questioned the initial police account of the incident.

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Russia imposes travel ban on 89 EU politicians – video report

Russia has imposed an entry ban on 89 European politicians and military leaders, a move that has angered Europe and worsened Russia’s standoff with the west over Moscow’s role in the Ukraine conflict. Many of the figures reportedly included on the list have previously spoken out against the Kremlin. Britain’s former foreign secretary and former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg are among the named individuals Continue reading…

NYU confronts stereotypes with exhibition of racially charged art

ReSignifications sees established and emerging artists present work inspired by the ‘Blackamoors’ of Florentine villa left to university by Sir Harold Acton

When the late British writer, art connoisseur and friend of the Queen, Sir Harold Acton, bequeathed his family’s Italian villa to New York University in 1994, the gift included a vast trove of art valued at hundreds of millions of pounds. But among the 6,000-piece collection were 35 works that left some of La Pietra’s new owners feeling uncomfortable.

Ellyn Toscano, who has served as the director of La Pietra since 2004, recalls being taken aback the first time she was confronted by the pieces that are now known as the “Blackamoors”, a collection of sculptures and paintings of black figures, elegantly dressed and depicted in acts of servitude – and are located throughout the villa’s grounds.

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