Canada’s Liberals face bleak future – is it too late for Justin Trudeau to save them?

At one point top of opinion polls, the party’s golden boy is now running third. At stake is the survival of Canada’s ‘natural governing party’, but Trudeau remains confident: ‘Canadians are looking for someone who has a serious plan’

Justin Trudeau was a popular but untested politician when he stepped into the ring to meet a tough-looking brawler from the Conservative party of Canada. Tory pundits jeered that the pretty boy, the effete “Dauphin” of Canadian politics, was about to get his famous hair badly mussed.

What happened at the charity boxing tournament three years ago surprised everybody. The over-aggressive brawler – recently appointed Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau – quickly wore himself out, allowing the slender Trudeau to move in and pick him apart with impressive finesse. The bout ended with Brazeau reeling from a technical knockout in the second round.

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