Why we should be talking to Iran

The prospect of a nuclear deal and the end of sanctions has transformed Iran. Grasping that is in the west’s interests

The shaded alleys of the Grand Bazaar in Tehran are awash with crowds, though to the chagrin of shopkeepers most people just wander by. Sanctions have reduced purchasing power, as did the mismanagement of the Ahmadinejad era –inflation rose to 45% in mid-2013. Now under Hassan Rouhani, elected president two years ago, inflation is down to 15%, and the economy is expected to grow this year by about 1%. If sanctions are lifted, Iran’s central bank expects a surge of an extra 2%.

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Darius sells women’s clothes, and a decade ago he was not allowed to display bras, even on legless, faceless mannequins

Some officials even say Saudi actions in Yemen are a ‘new Nakba’ and worse than anything done by Israel to Palestinians

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