Executions and death sentence statistics worldwide: interactive

At least 607 executions were carried out across the world in 2014, with even more death sentences handed down. This interactive shows the most recent statistics gathered by Amnesty International.

Figures marked with a ‘+’ symbol are a minimum estimate, with the real value potentially higher. Figures marked with ‘*’ indicate that at least some executions or death sentences have taken place, but Amnesty was unable to determine how many. Amnesty has also produced a map showing the death penalty status worldwide.

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Antarctica records unprecedented high temperatures in two new readings

Two temperature readings register ominous new potential measurements of accelerating climate change

The 20th anniversary of the discovery of the first “hole” in the ozone layer on Tuesday had many climate observers focused on the Arctic, where a study published last week found that polar bears were eating more birds’ eggs, perhaps due to lost hunting grounds with the disappearance of summer ice.

But equally significant climate news was playing out in Antarctica, where two climate stations registered ominous new potential measurements of accelerating climate change.

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Ukrainian investigations into Kiev clashes ‘lacked independence’

Probes into protests that led to ousting of president Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 failed to satisfy human rights convention, international report says

An international report has found that Ukrainian investigations into the deadly clashes that took place during the 2013-14 Euromaidan protests in Kiev have failed to hold law enforcement officials to account.

The report by a Council of Europe-sponsored international advisory panel, said that the investigations into the demonstrations, which led to the ousting of president Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014, had not satisfied the European convention on human rights. They “lacked practical independence” because in many cases, the police were essentially tasked with investigating themselves, it said.

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Anne Frank probably died one month earlier than initially thought – museum

Researchers say Frank probably died of typhus in February 1945 based on new studies of existing eyewitness accounts, documents and archives

Anne Frank probably died of typhus in a Nazi concentration camp about a month earlier than previously thought, the Amsterdam museum that honours her memory announced on the 70th anniversary of the officially recognized date of her death.

Frank probably died, aged 15, at Bergen-Belsen camp in February 1945, said Erika Prins, a researcher at the Anne Frank House museum.

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McDonald’s under EU scrutiny for tax rulings in Luxembourg

  • Unions charge US fast food chain with avoiding about €1bn in taxes
  • EU investigating other US multinationals’ tax arrangements

McDonald’s tax affairs in Europe are under scrutiny by European Union officials after labour unions accused the US fast food chain of failing to pay its dues, a person involved in the issue said on Tuesday.

EU antitrust regulators have asked Luxembourg for information on its tax rulings, according to sources. Neither the EU nor Luxembourg would immediately confirm the enquiries.

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New Jersey school evacuated after reports of armed intruder – video

A New Jersey elementary school was evacuated on Tuesday after reports of an armed intruder on the grounds. Police and Swat teams converged on Village Elementary School in Holmdel Township, about 40 miles south of New York City, just after noon and searched for a gunman, said Charles Webster, a spokesman with the Monmouth County prosecutor’s office. No shots were reported fired and no one was injured, Webster said Continue reading…